Tame the Beast Teaser

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BONUS! A little taste of Tame the Beast ...

The bass of the party pulsed at the speed of snails compared to the pounding in Clara's chest. Harper and Rose chatted with the group around them, but Clara couldn't focus. She smiled and nodded to the conversation that buzzed around her, laughing when others laughed, but her mind was still soaring from her walk with Adam.

She shouldn't have left the party with him. She knew it was a mistake the moment his hand cupped the side of her face, and yet she found herself inching closer to him. She wanted him, and the thought terrified her. He was experienced while she felt more like a newborn fawn on ice skates. They were a match destined to crash. If she were lucky, she could walk away with a few minor scratches.

Chugging the last of her drink, Clara searched the crowded room. Perhaps she should tell Adam things could never go any further while she still had some liquid courage. It sounded like a good plan until she met his hazy blue eyes from across the room and everything came slamming to a halt.

He stood near the stereo, chatting with faces she didn't recognize. Although they dominated Adam's time, his attention was fixed on Clara. One long, lusty look from him and Clara’s head spinning. She fought a smile, positive that the grin would give away the wicked thoughts he stirred within her. And boy did he stir up things she never thought imaginable.

Maybe a few bumps and bruises would be worth it ...

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