Tame the Beast

Clarabelle Wright doesn't believe in someone else creating her happily ever after. In fact, she has spent her entire life ensuring a future for herself. When the family finances fall further in debt, her big college dreams are put on hold. Beaumont University has one thing to offer, a full ride, and Clara has no other choice but to accept. She's the reliable daughter, the responsible one. But what she truly desires is adventure and passion, and she doesn't expect to find either at the small town university. That is until she accidentally catches the alluring eye of the Adam Beaumont. He's entitled, careless, and a shameless flirt. Clara knows a man of his beastly reputation is nothing but trouble...trouble wrapped in gorgeous, untamed trims.

But Adam has a tempting offer to make. One that will keep his mother off his back so he can continue his regularly scheduled life filled with big parties and beautiful women. It sounds like the perfect plan until a certain beauty proves to be a much bigger challenge than he ever expected. Worse, he can't seem to get her off his mind.

Confident that she's too smart to fall for his games, Clara accepts. But when two headstrong forces begin to clash, someone will have to fold or break all their rules.

Coming Summer 2017

Once upon a time, Rose Laurence told herself that happiness was only a smile away. Her ruby red grin has kept her heart safe until a devastating phone call tears that mask away. Now she feels cheated, never having the chance to know her father. But for the first time in twenty-one years, Rose is ready to step out of her daydreams and face the past her mother ran away from. Her welcome into a new town is less than pleasant, particularly from her father's widow, but that won't stop this dreamer. The road to self-discovery may be filled with many thorns, but Rose is determined to stay for the summer, especially when a certain gorgeous country boy awakens her every desire.

Austen Phillips was raised to be a perfect gentleman. Or at least he tries to be.  Hardworking, honest, and fiercely loyal,  Austen keeps his promises, at least to the one man who was there for him when he needed it most. But when a gorgeous newcomer arrives in town, Austen falls hard and fast. Her sweet trusting nature mixed with wild passion has him sizzling hotter than the summer sun, and Austen begins to realize that there are some promises he might not want to keep.

However, there is more than Austen's integrity at stake when lies and betrayals shake the sleepy town awake, and Rose is forced to face the truth of   her father's past.